Please join us this Saturday at 7PM for a Paleo Pot Luck Party. I’ve posted a pile of recipes to the wall. Take one, make it, bring it, we’ll eat it. Simple. Don’t forget the abundance of awesome recipes Jen has been posting on the Nutrition Blog. Try one of those gems out!

Equipment is being delivered to Hangar 18 (H18 is what the cool kids are calling it) on Thursday. We’re still hopefully for a trial WOD Friday at 5:30PM.

Today’s Workout:

Two Minutes max calorie row

rest two minutes

Two minutes max KB swing

rest two minutes

Max Vertical Jump Test (See how high you can reach up the wall whilst standing. Then jump! Jump higher!!! Have someone eyeball where you touched. Take off your shoes and count on your toes to get the difference)


Please note: The weights below are a guideline. You will Front Squat what you can properly Clean. No racks for the Front Squat as I want you to be able to support the weight with your body. Not the rack.


Seven rounds for time of:
115-135 pound Front squat, 3 reps
7 L-pull-ups (tuck pull ups are the sub. Knees pulled up to the chest. You can start with a little hop from the floor or box…not a jumping pullup!!!!)


5 rounds for time of:
185/135 pound Front squat, 3 reps
7 L-pull-ups


Seven rounds for time of:
155/105 pound Front squat, 3 reps
7 L-pull-ups


7 rounds for time of:
3 Front Squats, 185/135 lbs
7 L Pull-ups

Post total time.