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Yesterday I wished Jordan Haddad “Good Luck” in his competition at Sweatfest this weekend. Turns out he isn’t going at all. So I take it back. Best of luck to everyone else!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The 4th Annual RPCFO Community Challenage will be September 20th! I will have loads more details for you in the coming weeks. It’s a fun & friendly competition with CrossFit Overdrive. Three levels of team competition (2 Women, 2 Men per team) plus the infamous Coach’s WOD (RPCF Coachs vs CFO Coachs). We compete for points and the gym with the most points at the end of the day wins the coveted Challenage trophy. Stay tuned!

Monday August 3rd is a holiday. We will be running 3 classes:

KB Warmup (No Measure)

– Orbits
– Figure 8s
– Russians
– Power Swings
– Single Hand
– Hand 2 Hand
– Goblet Squat
– Squat Holds

100 KB Swings for Time (Time)

RX Weight = 53/35#
RX+ = 70/53

Partner 500M Row (Time)

Each partner holds an end of the 3′ tether. Space the rowers apart to take up most of the slack. Get in sync. 500M for time.

CF Games Team Relay Variation (Time)

AMRAP 30 Minutes – Teams of 4
400M Run
Completed in Pairs, with each team member holding the end of a 3 foot rope (webbing)

Rowing pairs use the same format as the 500M Row.