Reminder, the Occupational First Aid Course has only 4 spots left. This is taking place next Friday June 8th at the gym from 9-5. Let me know ASAP if you are interested. Since the course is taking place at the gym we’ll not be running the 11AM and 4:30 Group classes that day. Same with the noon Foundations School.

Reminder, talk to Beach as soon as you can to get registered for the “Best Shape of My life Challenge“!

Today’s Workout:

It’s that time again. CrossFit Total:

Combine your 1 Rep Max Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift. Total weight is your score.

A great benchmark day. Use the weights you achieve today to figure out what you should be doing when you encounter these core lifts on your Results List. Ask your coach what percentage of your 1 rep max you should be using on these days. Record your score!!!!!!

You should be completely warmed up and ready to go when you settle in to do the lifts. You only get 3 lifts to achieve your 1 rep max. In other words (gentlemen) you don’t start at 135lbs on your back squat and do 10 pound increments until you can’t lift any more. Have your goal in mind and be warmed up and ready to lift.

We’ll be forgoing the Results list today to allow you plenty of time to warm up for this WOD.

Pre-Warm-up ideas:

Little bit o cardio, med ball cleans, wall balls, weighted lunges, kb swings, then lift technique.

Have fun!!!!