The Whole9 Nutrition Pyramid, from It Starts With Food

Today marks the half way point through our nutrition challenge! Firstly, let me tell you how proud I am of everyone that’s made it this far!! You deserve much more than a pat on the back or a simple “good job” cheer from me. I know for many it’s been a struggle and you’ve probably experienced or had a “why the #$%$ am I doing this again?” moment. Hang in there guys, the best is yet to come. Read this article from Whole9 to help reinforce why we are ditching sugar for the month

Personally, I feel amazing! I’m so happy with the results so far and more importantly I’ve finally been able to discover some of my chronic inflammation problems due to food sensitivities. Which brings me to my next point… When this challenge is over, don’t just jump right back into your old routine . Introduce one item a day and take note of how you feel from it. Learn as much as you can and truly benefit from this challenge.

For everyone that hasn’t made it (or didn’t start and are simply trying to implement Whole9 eating and lifestyle habits) let me state that i’m proud of you as well. You certainly won’t experience the full benefits and confidence that doing the entire 30 days will bring you, but moving in the right direction, in a sustainable fashion is equally important. When you’re ready to try 30 days clean, find a partner or let me know and I’ll do my best to keep you on track and give you resources. -Coach Clark

Today’s WOD: 


4 Rounds of

10 Hollow Rocks

10 OHS (Dowel)


3 Sumo Deadlifts EMOTM for 15mins (Think speed not weight)

WOD (Scale appropriately): 

21, 15, 9

KB / DB Thrusters

Jumping Split Lunge