Things are heating up for our Paintball Game on Sunday! There is a carpool leaving the gym at 9AM. (If you want to make use of this, please be at the gym around 8:45). If you are heading out on your own, try and be at Maple Ridge Paintball by 9:30 to sign waivers, get equipment etc.

Aaron Olson gives us this advice: “Pro-tips – Bare skin coverage – When hiding behind cover your opponent can usually only see your gun and head. This also exposes your bare hands and sometimes neck. To protect yourself from shots to these spots bring small gloves (you need to be able to fit your finger into the trigger) and tie a bandanna around your neck (old west cowboy style). Big thick scarves wont work as they trap your bodyheat and make your goggles fog”

Maple Ridge Paintball has coveralls that you can use, but Aaron also advises you to wear old baggy clothing for better movement.

No 11AM class on Sunday as Ty will be too busy on the paintball field cowering in terror and nursing monstrous welts all over his body.


10 Minutes in Wallwalks and holding Chest to Wall Handstand holds. Aim to get your nose and toes on the wall. (Have an exit strategy if you tip. Front roll would be nice)


800m Run X 2 (5 minute break between runs)

This was the wod from this past Saturday. I know that there were many of you that were disappointed that we didn’t get to do it. I aim to please.

75 Reps Burpee and Pull-up
Do 5 Burpees, then 5 asst’d pull-ups

Performance & RX
100 reps for time of:
Pull-up Burpee