Frank is all done too. (Don’t know why he needs the ice in that region….)

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve posted a number of “he’s done” pics. Am I worried what a potential new member might be thinking? No way! The reason we get great results at the gym is because what we do is not easy! You push yourself every time you come into the gym. If I hear someone say “That workout sucked!”, I know you and I have done our jobs. When you come into our gym expect to work hard, expect to be flattened and expect to get in the best shape of your life….and have a few laughs along the way šŸ˜‰

Then you can do stupid stuff like this:

All the better for me to see that your “chest is not hitting the deck” in your push-ups.

Today’s Workout

This warmup is not for time! Spend 10 minutes working on Snatch (yes…squat) and OH squat tech. Ā Then do 2 rounds of the following:

1 Snatch (115/85), 2 OHS Squats (same weight), 3 Dips, 4 HSPUs, 5 C2B Pullups, 6 KBS (70,53), 7 Box Jumps (30/24)

rest 5 minutes


500m Row, 21 Squat Clean Thruster (95/65), 50 Double Unders, 21 Squat Clean Thruster, 400m Run, 21 Squat Clean Thruster

You do not have to do the row/DUs/run in order in order to accomodate the limited # of rowers.

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