Zach crushing RX Grace (sub 3:00)

Hey. Have a great day! Think you’re awesome! 🙂 Just thought you should know.

A quick scheduling change for the weekend; Yogi Spenser is back but will be running the Yoga session at 1PM on Saturday. Right after the Noon WOD.

Today’s Workout:

Warm-up (This is going to be one of those warm-ups that you will be able to brag to non-CrossFitters “Your workout is my warm-up”

General Warm-up: then find your Max Distance BroadJump. Note your distance on the board, let’s see who the freaks are.

then (not for time)
100 Hollow Rocks (If you stop to take a break you must do 5 pistols (or pistol progressions per leg)
100 Superman (If you stop to take a break, you must do 5 narrow push-ups)

Take a 10 minute breather and JointMo any nagging parts.

Double Under
AbMat Situp
Exchange Rate is a generous 3-fer-1 if you are doing Singles.