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RPCFO is just 2 sleeps away (3 if you are reading this after 9PM on Wednesday night). We are awaiting the release of the CF Team Series workouts to be released to finalize the schedule. Regardless, be ready to go at 930AM on Saturday morning.
There could also be some last minute changes to the teams. Stay tuned!

#bfitlovelife challenge goes strong. The Rockstars are adjusting to life without caffeine! Join us!

Today is a special workout. We’ll be doing the CrossFit Football Total. You will be going for a heavy lift at the Power Clean, Back Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. Since this one will easily take an hour to complete at a civilized pace, we need to get warming up as soon as you get to the gym. Arrive early if possible. Get in a bit of a run, mobility, then grab a very light bar or dowel and complete:
3 reps for each side
Suitcase lunge
Suitcase squat
Spear lunge
Spear Squat
Overhead lunge
Overhead Squat

Finally, pay attention to your coach. Lift smart. Have fun!

The CrossFit Football Total (Total Weight)