Weekend action at the gym. Pictured in the centre is Aason from Reebok. Check for an invitation at the gym from Reebok. April 26-27-28, the Reebok store at Queensborough Landing will be hosting a “Friends & Family’ Event. Having one of these invitations in hand will get you a 40% discount.

Today’s Workout:

Today’s Workout from dot.com holds dear to my heart. Deadlifts are one of the sacred tri-fecta  of primal strength building. (Along with squat and shoulder press). You do these three things alone, and you will get stronger. Why get stronger? Not to enter arm-wrestling contests and kick-ass. Not to pick up cars so your weaker companions can change a flat tire. Not to intimidate bears entering your campsite by pushing over trees and hurling boulders. Even though you will be able to do all these things (scale cars and boulders according to physical capabilities at that day) the main reason we want to get stronger is to make life easier. Yup, day-to-day activities such as hoisting kids onto your hip, pushing a lawnmower, carrying luggage 1 mile to your gate; now and 30 years from now, are a big reason to build strength! I don’t know about you, but I want to rely on myself until the day I check out. I don’t want to have to hire anybody to drive me places, cook my meals or help me off the toilet. Being strong staves off those sorts of ailments that sideline the idle. When I get my ticket punched, it’s going to be from falling out of a helicopter, or skiing off a cliff, or ingesting a poorly cooked Mongolian dish.

Give yourself permission to Be Strong! So sexy!

Today’s Workout

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

You are aiming for a new 1RM max!

This is a great day to sub one of your “lifting” bucket list tasks for a best effort met-con. eg 500/1000m row, 1 mile run, 75 wallballs etc.

Have a great day. Lift heavy my friends!