——-> Scott

Here’s a good article on recovery. Yes! You need it! So finish this article, turn off your computer and go have a nap.

Today’s Workout:


5 Turkish Get-ups per side

10 Scapula Slides (Against the wall)

5 minutes mobility work on the shoulders. (Band stretches, foam rolling. Try out the MWOD seen here)


1/ Death by 10m

Every Minute on the minute complete the following: 10m Run – 10 Meter Line Increase one 10m run every minute. Post total rounds.

Rest 5 minutes, then:

2/ Death by Burpee

With a continuously running clock perform 1 burpee in the first minute, 2 in the second, 3 in the third, etc. Continue until you cannot finish your burpees before the next minute starts. Post total rounds and burpees.