Main – CrossFit Group WOD

1./ Vancouver Circus School this Saturday December 6th (4PM-6PM) $40. Tix here:

2./ Christmas Dinner December 20th (We must have a headcount by December 13th) Get tix here $21:

3./ Townhall Meeting. We’d like to get as many of you in this Saturday Morning at 10AM. We have a few things we’d like to discuss with you all and get your feedback. On the table: New Schedule starting December 8th.

Bare Barbell Warmup (No Measure)

Coach led barbell warm up, start with clean drills, up and down, high hang, scare crow, pull 1 to 2, etc, then move to snatch drill, sots presses, muscle snatches, up and downs etc

Clean Complex (Spend 20 Minutes working up to a heavy Complex)

1 clean pull

1 power clean

1 Full Clean

01262014 Team Fight Became Rad (AMRAP – Reps)

(Fight gone bad format)

3 rounds

1 min – Handstand pushups or Stinkbugs

1 min – Sit-ups

1 min – Squats

1 min – Pull-ups

1 min – Planks

One rope climb from one member of the team

rest 1 min!
Score 10 reps for every 20 seconds of plank held