<—- Good Morning! How’s your hamstrings feeling today?

A reminder of the O-Lift Seminar to be held this Sunday from Noon to 3PM. $50 for RPCF members. $75 for non-members.

Today’s Workout: Rest Day

Today is a slated “rest day”. If you missed any of the 3 workouts from the last 3 days, come on in and take your pick!

The Beyond The Whiteboard 2 Minute Challenge has been running for several months. This month’s challenge is going to be run today. 2 Minutes – As many shoulder to overhead presses as possible (115#/75#).  Click here to see the latest standings . If you think you have a shot at cracking the top 10, let us know. We’ll shoot the video of you and upload it.

WOD: Your choice of:

1./ Michael

2./ Phat Fran

3./ Nutts