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Chances are it’s raining today….take refuge in the gym. We have a great workout planned for today!

There is so much clothes and water bottles in the cubby holes upstairs. Please take a look and retrieve your forgotten pants, shirts, sweaters, water bottles, shoes, boots…holy crap there’s a set of car keys!!! How the hell did you get home? I’ll give it until Saturday then it’s off to a charitable donation. (After I rinse out a bottle or two. Christmas is coming and my wife would love a used water bottle)

What’s in store for the Sunday WOD? A bit of running. A bit of crawling. A bit of climbing. Wet socks. Join me in my final big workout before World’s Toughest Mudder.

Have you booked your Big White Ski Trip yet? January 23rd to 25th. Talk to the Grand Poobah of Powder, Errol if you need more info.

Have a great day!

Pedestal Warmup (No Measure)

Coach Led – Pedestal Warmup

2 Rounds

Prone Top of pushup X 60 Secs

Supine Top of pushup (Hands behind) X 30 secs

Side Pedestal X 30 secs
then a set of:

Front Plank 60secs

Side Plank 30secs

Side Plank 30secs


Hold the bottom of a squat for 60 seconds

Bring Sally Up (Weight)

The tune “Flower” by Moby will be playing:

When you hear “Bring Sally Down” you do a back squat. Stay paused in the squat until you hear “Bring Sally Up”.

You will have succeeded if you are able to make it through the entire song and get every “Up and Down”.

Your score will be the weight you used for the back squat.

Decompression Hangs (No Measure)

1./ Grip a pull-up bar, hands shoulder width apart, palms facing away. (Feet should be dangling from the ground)

2./ While hanging, keep shoulders down and in their sockets by actively contracting your lats and scapulae.

3./ Inhale, then forcefully contract all the muscles in your glutes, abs, legs, back and arms for 3-5 seconds.

4./ Passively exhale, instantly relax, allowing the entire length of your spine to elongate.

5./ Repeat for 3-5 reps.
Coaches: check the time and see how long of a break you can allow. Start getting the Double Under warmed up. Talk to your coach if you are experiencing any lower back issues. There’s a lot of sit-ups coming.

Annie (Time)