This Sunday we are off to Maple Ridge Paintball. Here’s the details. Team Ty vs Team Tom.

How Ty’s back is going to look moments after he spots me and starts running away.

Today’s Workout:

50 Strict Bar Pull Ups with different grips
Overhand Grip
Underhand Grip
Mixed Grip
Narrow Hand Position
Wide Hand Position
Mixed Hand Position (one hand close, one hand far)
Neutral Wrist Position

Leave 30 minutes to do today’s WOD. In the time between the completion of your pull-ups get your gear together and practice the movements in the WOD.


For time:
100 ft Walking lunge
35 Push-ups
200 Single-unders
20 Leg Raises
5 Rope Progessions
35 Box jump or Box Step, 20 inch box
20 Overhead squats, dowel to 15#
20 Assisted pull-ups or Ring Rows
35 Sit-ups

Performance & RX

For time:
100 ft Walking lunge
50 Push-ups
50 Double-unders (or 200 Sungle Unders)
25 Knees to elbows (or 25 knee raises)
5 Rope climb, 15 ft (or 15 rope climb progression)
50 Box jump, 24 inch box (or 20″)
25 Overhead squats, 65 pounds (or dowel on up to 65#)
25 L-pull-ups (or assisted pullups)
50 Sit-ups