Gershom. 6AM Regular.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Day 30 of the Nutrition Challenge. If you are in the challenge, be sure to get into the gym to complete the WODs and do your weigh-in!

Today’s Workout:

In teams of 3, with only one person working at a time, complete:

1500 M Row, 21-15-9 Ring Dips, weighted Bulgarian Split Squat (21-15-9 per leg), 1500 M Row

This workout is not for time. If we do not have enough rowers to accommodate everyone, make larger teams and increase the workload.


AMRAP 5 Minutes – Cindy

5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats

Rest 3 Minutes

AMRAP 4 Minutes:

6 Muscle Snatch

3 Wall Climbs

(DO NOT CRASH YOUR BAR! Too much traffic and those 10lb plates turn the bar into a ballista when you crash them!)

Rest 3 Minutes

AMRAP 3 Minutes:

10 KB Swings

10 Box Jumps

Rest 3 Minutes

AMRAP 2 Minutes

Double Unders

Score is total rounds completed per AMRAP.