The insanity begins.

Great birthday WOD on Saturday at Noon. In case you missed it:

400m Partner Wheelbarrow
10-20-30-40 reps of:
Thruster (115/75)
Burpee Box Jump (24/20)
KB Snatch (53/35)
400m Run

One of the advantages of becoming wiser, other than the ability to recognize a mistake when I make it again, is to avoid pain as best as possible. My foresight to equip myself with tough rawhide gloves for the wheelbarrow relay was invaluable! I could have gotten $700 for those $7 gloves as people’s palms began to wear thin. Unless you are Super Dave who thought the loonie-sized blood blisters on his palms were a fashion statement. That kid ain’t right 😉 Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Thanks for the cupcakes Ranj! And thanks for the birthday cake Jen! My CrossFit family is top shelf. Love ya!

And September is off and running. It looks like the Performance and Fitness tiers for our upcoming competition, on September 22nd, are filled. You can still sign-up for these divisions. It’s just that we might have to have a quick little elimination round at the gym to decide the teams. I still need Fitness people! Heads up new folks. Ty and I will be recruiting you this week. 😉

It looks like people are also signing up for the RPCF Dodgeball Team. Action gets under way the last week of September. We can sign up 12 people. If you can’t make every game, don’t sweat it! Again, games are Wednesday evenings at 730 and 8PM. Put your CrossFit to good use! See if you can graft a rubber ball onto some poor non-CrossFitter’s back.

Today’s Workout: