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Great job on the WOD yesterday! That was a HOT one!

Lots of NEWS!
1./ Black Tusk Hike on Sunday. If we could meet at the gym to carpool around 530AM. Bring the necessities for a long hike. More info on the hike on the BFIT Days FB Group:

2./ The regular Sunday Morning WOD at 11AM will be held at the track across the street from the Centenial Activity Centre. Here’s the link to Google Maps:

3./ FYI, Vancouver Fire Department is hiring. Check out this link for more info:

4./ I got a very interesting email from the BC Bobsled and Skeleton Association. They are looking for fresh blood to represent at the Provincial, National and International levels. They are hosting a free testing camp on September 7th. It sounds like they really need women. Imagine…Winter Olympics 2018 and one of our fine gals from RPCF is hurtling down the track at PyeongChang. All the deets here:

5./ Chelsea Liu (A 6AM regular) works at Fitness Town and asked me to pass along that her location in PoCo is accepting backpacks and school supplies as part of the annual Salvation Army “Backpack and School Supply Drive”. For more information check out:


Glutes, SSlow PUs & Box Steps (No Measure)

3 rounds
10 glute bridges
5 super slow push-ups
5 box steps per side
Today’s focus is to work up to a heavy 1 Rep on the movements below. Coaches will have you spend 10 minutes on each movement. Get comfy with the technique, then challenge yourself. Use your coach today! Record your heaviest lift at the end of the 10 minutes.

Paused Front Squat

Tall Clean

Squat Clean

08272014 EMOM Squat Cleans (Weight)

On the Minute for 7 Minutes:

3 Squat Cleans @ 70% the weight you achieved in the Squat Clean