<—- We all know the feeling associated with the look on Ryan’s face. Mid-WOD. The bar looking back up at you. Heart is racing. Muscles crying for oxygen. Ah well. The bar isn’t going to lift itself!

A friend of mine is starting up a new Indoor Cycling Studio called 360 Cycle Studio in Coquitlam. Grand Opening on September 10th. Lots of deals to be had.

Today’s Workout:

Back Squat:
65% of 1RM  x 5
75% of 1RM  x 5
85% of 1RM x 5+
Between each set, complete 4 high box jumps.

Rest 5 Minutes. Then, in Teams of 4:

Row Your Boat:

5K Row

Each person gets 20 pulls on the erg.  Complete 7 ballistic situps (another way of saying “med ball sit-ups”), 7 medball cleans and 7 burpees during your rest period.

Score is total time.