Nice looking KB Swing Sue. Feelin' the love.

Nice looking KB Swing Sue. Feelin’ the love.

Hi guys! As mentioned, I would post a link to the schedule for this weekend’s Olympic Lifting/CrossFit competition at CrossFit North Vancouver. Here is the weekend’s schedule. Try your best to make part of the event to cheer on our Rocky Point CrossFit athletes!

Errol is going to be involved as a judge for the competition, so this Saturday’s mobility wod is cancelled. Go the event with a lacrosse ball and grind a pec against a door frame. You won’t look weird.

Today’s Workout:

Get in a few minutes early and start getting warmed up. Today’s workout is going to be a little different Allocating 50 minutes for the WOD. It might look unsavory on paper, but this is actually a fun wod.

3 Rounds:
5 Strict Pullups
15 abmats
20 OH Squats with a dowel

Teams of 3: 10K Row
Switch every 250m

You might be asking “Do we do anything while we’re not rowing? Like holding a person on our shoulders? Or burpees across the parking lot?”

Nope. Just row.