Aiden doing “Murph” RX! Congrats Aiden and everyone who completed this tough Hero WOD.

Announcement! Notice the large Sub-Zero freezer at the gym? Starting tomorrow we will be stocking an assortment of frozen Grass-fed meats delivered to us from Hills Foods. This is the good stuff! Non-medicated. No grains. No factory farms. No hormones. Just straight up happy beef, chicken, bison and perhaps some exotic things such as yak, camel and kangaroo. We’ll have a price list up by tomorrow.

In other news, Ty and I were invited to try out the POPAT test at the J.I. in New West last night. This is the Police Officer’s Physical Abilities Test that all candidates must complete along the way to becoming a constable, sheriff, jail guard etc. Becky administers (yes the Becky whose birthday we celebrated at the gym this past Saturday) these tests and she’s been curious to see how a CrossFitter fared on the course. When she explained this to the group of candidates, Ty and I glanced at each other and knew the pressure was on. I now began to wonder how we would fare too! The course consists of 6 circuits through an obstacle course that involves running, changes of direction, leaping, bounding, and stair climbing/descending. Once complete, you move on to a “Push/Pull” device. This is a machine that applies 85 pounds of resistance whether you are pushing on the machine or pulling it. Whilst pushing/pulling, you must manoeuvre yourself 180 degrees around the machine then back again. You make 12 push/pull passes in all. Finally, you move to a 36″ vault where you basically executed a burpee and vaulted the barrier. You alternated between dropping to your stomach or to your back when you landed. You completed 10 leaps in all. So, this was all done as quickly as possible. To be competitive, you should aim for a time of 3:30. In order to pass you must be under 4:15. Well, I don’t mean to toot my CrossFit horn, but “Toot toot!” Ty and I had the top two times. Ty had 3:14 (after a week with some sort of flu) and I had 3:09. I even had to re-do one of the stair climbs because I jumped over the stairs on one pass rather then touching the top platform with at least one step. Don’t get me wrong. This was by no means an easy test. By the 5th circuit of the obstacle course my agility was starting to fade. I think I dropped an F-bomb somewhere around the stairs. The push/pull machine nearly pushed me (the one’s in Russia do). Afterwards I had traces of “fran cough”. I certainly felt like I had worked out. Not a test to be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is aiming to do this test in the future, get training! And I know the best way to do it!!!!

Speaking of which….Today’s Workout

btw, I’m very interested to know what weights you are using for the movements in your Results List. If you are not sure what weight you should be using, ask a coach! I’d be very happy to figure out what you should be using to to make the best use of this time and avoid strength plateaus (or slides God forbid!!!)


Three rounds for time of:
Run 600 meters
15 Back Extensions
25 Sit-ups


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
35 Back Extensions
35 Sit-ups


pssst…this is another Hero called “Michael

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups