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Our next BFIT day is nearly planned. We’re going to spend a couple of hours at the Vancouver Circus School. No not clowning around or lion taming. But acrobatics, trapeze and a great way to spend time with your RP tribe. Go to our FB page and vote on the time and date and we’ll book it!

Also, please attend Ian McKay’s Fundraiser this Saturday night. We love Ian and want to help out his brave Foundation. For more info:

Kettlebell Tabatas (No Measure)

Tabata Kettlbell coach calls out movements: Russian, snatch, goblet squat, orbits, figure 8s etc.
Followed by coach-led barbell warmup

Deadlift (5-3-2-1(Optional 1))

11192014 Thrusters/Box Jumps (Time)


Thrusters (95/65) (65-85/35-55) (45/35)

Box Jumps/Steps (24/20)


Fish game for high score