Heyoooo!! if you didn’t hear it from me last night, it’s official, Coach Carl Paoli is coming and we’re hosting a freestyle movement seminar!! Tom, Micheal, and I took this cert a few months back and were blown away with the coaching and lessons. If you’re looking to take your Crossfit to the next level, or better yet, your everyday movement of life, don’t miss this amazing opportunity. To learn more about Carl and his coaching check out http://gymnasticswod.com/ or http://www.nakaathletics.com/. The date is April 21st, more details on how to sign up to follow, stay tuned!

Other news, the juggernaut is back! He did an amazing  job in the toughest mudder and placed in the top 30%! I’m sure he’ll fill you in on all the details in tomorrows blog or on Rush Runner.

Today’s WOD :


Handstand Variations


Super Set

5 x5 Of Weighted Chin Ups / Bench Press


750m Row

50 Medball Sit Ups

50 OH Lunges @ 45lbs plate

50 Clapping Push Ups

50 KB Snatch

1mile Run