The Concept2 Rower computer gets the “stink-eye” from Tim.

Today’s Workout:

After Warm-up, work on:

Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3

It occurred to me that we haven’t seen a wall ball in the course of a workout lately. It made me sad. I came across this interesting WOD. A civilized twist on the filthy 50. Interval style. ought to be a good run through the Glycolytic metabolic pathway.

Filthy Sixty

60 seconds at each station. Rest 60 seconds between each movement.

Box jumps (Advanced*: 24″, Intermediate: 20″, Novice: 12″)

Jumping pull-ups,

Kettlebell swings (Advanced*: 35lb, Intermediate: 26lb, Novice: 18lb)

Walking Lunge count steps,

Knees to elbows,

Push press (Advanced*: 45lb, Intermediate: 33lb, Novice: 20lb)

Back extensions (we’ll do Supermans),

Wall ball shots (Advanced: 20lb/10ft, Intermediate*: 14lb/10ft, Novice: 10lb/8ft)


Double unders. (Novices count attempts)

If there is not enough equipment, perform the movements in any order, the only exception is that the burpees and double unders must be last, and they must be done in that order (burpees first, double unders second). Count repetitions for each exercise, note it during the rest period, then add it all up for a grand total.