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Wednesday October 12, 2011

Brian is back!

We’ve set up the Personal Defense Readiness course on Zen Planner. If you are interested in joining us, it is for 4 weeks and costs $40. This is time and money well spent!

Moments before Brooke threw a vicious counter on Craig that found him in a compromising position on the GHD machine. Come check out the PDR classes on Saturday!

Today’s Workout:

After warmup, complete for sets of:

Max Rep Hand Stand Pushups

rest 90 seconds

Max Rep Ring Dips

rest 90 seconds

4 Single Leg Deadlifts

rest 90 seconds.



3 Rounds for time of:

400m Run (note daytime classes, sub run with 500m Row or 50 Double Unders)

21 KB Swings

12 Pullups

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