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1./ “CrossFit Saves Lives” gets started today. Find a clinic here:

2./ Thanks for all the donations for Andrea and Viki! We’ll keep the boxes out until Christmas. 🙂

4./ BFIT Day Sunday October 19th! Boop!

Coach led 400M Run (No Measure)

Coach Led – Lunge Rountine (No Measure)

2 Rounds of:

5 X Forward Lunge

5 X Front Lunge with twist

5 X Side Lunge

5 X back and to the side

5 X Back Lunge

Bench Press (5-3-1 (Make it a 2 for newer lifters))

01082014 The Parker Complex (Time)

35 Parker Complex (power clean, back lunge left (in front rack), back lunge right, shoulder to overhead)

Every min on the min complete 2 burpees

RX: 115/75 lbs

RX+: 135/95 (min 1rm clean for rx+ is 225 lbs)

Scale: switch to dumbbells and/or scale to 25 reps