Main – CrossFit Group WOD

If you can lend a hand today, swing by the gym for 2:30. We’re off to help a fellow member move a 650lb steel beam. You so strong.

We have secured 2 luxury cabins at Sun Peaks for a weekend in January. We have already filled one!!!!! If you are interested, please talk to Errol to secure a spot.

Reminder: Just a 430PM WOD on Friday (Wear a costume!) 530 and 630PM are cancelled. Go have fun!

Run/Agility/Somersault/PUs/RingRows (No Measure)

Run/Row 400m

2 rounds

1 ladder drill

2 somersaults

10 pushups

10 false grip ring row


10 Minutes Handstand Practice

10 Minutes Muscle-Up Practice

10292014 Partner Chipper (Time)

With only one partner working at a time, complete in order:

200m Partner carry

200x KB swings (53/35#)

200m Partner carry

150x Pull-ups

200m Partner carry

100x Burpee box jumps