Lately I have been looking into different ways of incorporating paleo into my lifestyle. I’m pretty good most of the time, but it’s extremely hard sometimes to say “no, thank you”, when a giant piece of chocolate cake is sitting in front of you.  So to all you crossfitter out there who cheat…you are not alone!

The other night when I was searching for a few new recipeces I found a website called Whole9. They have a 30 day program that helps you with shopping,meal planning, and recipes. It’s basically a kick start challenge to get people to stop eating crap and start eating Paleo. They eliminate every non-paleo ingredient from their life for 30 days. (we did a challenge like this last year). You quit cold turkey. You hopefully see such amazing changes in your body, attitude, energy levels, skin, endurance and strength, that when the 30 days are over, you continue eating Paleo. For ever, while allowing yourself “cheats” whenever you feel so inclined. But to warn you if you cheat, you will feel like you have drank a bottle Tequila the next day!

As of today I’m going to be doing the Whole30 program! I thought I might as well be the guinea pig for the gym on this challenge. Hopefully it will help all of you change your eating habits or get some new ideas for your already fanatic Paleo lifestyle.

check them out: