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Tabata – Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

Might be one movement. Might be a grab bag. Hope your coach is in a good mood. 😉

Junkyard Dog Warmup (No Measure)

With a partner:
Hop the extended arms and legs of your sitted partner 10 times, then switch. Then Hop over crawl under your partner 10 times then switch.
2 Rounds all together.

Hip mobility work in the warmup time remaining.

11102013 Who’s Ready to Sweat? (Time)

In Teams of 4 complete for time, Gauntlet Style:

3 Rounds:

20 Box Over Burpees
20 KBS (53#/35#)
20 Power Cleans (115#/85#)
20 Pull-Ups

One Partner Starts on the Box Over Burpees while the other three teams members rest. Once the first member is finished their box over burpees they will continue onto the KBS and then athlete #2 will move onto their box over burpees. This format will continue for athletes 3 and 4.