Phil in an ape costume 😉

WOD-O-WEEN today! Where a costume to class today! 🙂

Go easy on the Halloween candy today. Yeah, I know….last chance to eat like a slob before we start our Whole 9 Nutrition event tomorrow. But still, that isn’t even good chocolate you’re stealing from your kids stash!

There are only a couple of paper copies of the Whole 9 guide available until next week. $10 a copy.

Today’s Workout:

10 Med Ball Cleans
10 Wall Balls
10 Ring Dips
1 Rope Climb

500m Row Max Effort (record this benchmark)

then you’ll need about ten minutes to recover. Get your bar ready and keep warm with some JointMob. Next up?

(You knew this was coming)

Thruster (95/65)

“Fitness” use up to 65lb bar max and do assisted pull-ups or ring rows.