Here is an interesting article written by Mike Baldwin from Crossfit Meridian.

“You can’t out-train your diet…”

I listened to an interesting bit of info from coach Glassman regarding his findings about nutrition and the role of food in training. During years of study coach Glassman found that there was no discernable difference in adaptation between a person that trained on a regular basis and ate poorly, and a person that never trained and ate a healthy diet. What this means is that a person can train all day long while eating the same garbage and basically be just as healthy and productive as a person that does zero training and just eats well.

As a CrossFitter I have to ask this question: Why put your blood, sweat, pain, and soul into CrossFit to be only just as healthy as the lunch-walkers down at Weight Watchers?! I have to imagine that most of us at CrossFit want to be bigger, faster, stronger, and healthier than the average Joe on a diet. Most of us don’t CrossFit just so we can justify eating McDonald’s and pizza every night, washing it down with soda and cerveza. We CrossFit because we want to achieve, get better, be stronger, be healthier, look better, move easier, feel happier, play harder, last longer, do more, and freaking be bad ass. We don’t want to just maintain the status quo, and training without proper nutrition is just that, cruising along at mediocre.

We have to get our diet right folks!

If you want to see your true potential in the gym and you really want to excel, you need to match the intensity and passion that you bring to CrossFit with the choices you make regarding food intake. Just try it for a week; I promise you can see a difference in a week. On Monday do Cindy; then eat healthy all week. Eat meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds; some fruit, little starch, and NO sugar. Then on the next Monday, do Cindy again; I promise you more rounds.

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