Why Nutrition?

Rocky Point Crossfit has teamed up with Whole9, specialists in the field of nutrition and a respected authority in the health and fitness community, to provide our members with a comprehensive nutritional program designed to make you the healthiest you’ve ever been. Why are we focusing so much on what you eat? Because we believe nutrition is the foundation of any good fitness program, and the gateway to optimal health. And we think your nutritional habits play such an important role in achieving your health and performance goals that we’ve asked Whole9 to design this nutrition program for our clients.

Eat Real Food.

Our belief is that a good nutritional program should be centered around eating real food. We know that fad diets, crash diets, miracle pills and “meal replacements” are not part of a balanced, sustainable path towards improved health and fitness. Instead, we encourage you to eat high quality meat, seafood and eggs, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy sources of dietary fats – it’s that simple. Just eat good food, put your meals together in a way that is simple, balanced and (most importantly) sustainable, and experience all of the tangible benefits that come from a nutritional plan designed to help you create a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food.

The Whole9 Nutrition Program

We believe implementing good nutritional habits from your very first day with us is so important that we provide all of our members with a comprehensive handbook designed to walk you through Whole9’s nutrition program. Your handbook includes all the tools you’ll need to succeed, including:

  • Our nutritional “elevator pitch” – Nutrition in 60 Seconds
  • A list of food groups that detract from your health and fitness, and those groups that make you healthier
  • A detailed Shopping Guide, including helpful hints for making high quality food choices
  • The Whole9 meal planning template, outlining portion sizes, meal frequency and pre- and post-workout nutritionDelicious, Whole30-approved recipes that follow our meal planning template, and a 7-day meal plan
  • A multi-category FAQ to help you hit the ground running
  • A number of helpful resources – additional recipe sites, references, books and movies
  • The Whole30, Whole9’s original program designed to “change your life in 30 days”
  • The Whole30 FAQ, to help guide you through your 30 day program


For more information about our health and fitness programs, contact us directly at admin@rockypointcrossfit.ca.

30 Day Challenge Results:

Richard Ryant

This is not an essay about my experience on whole 30 but rather my journey that got me to the point where I could do the challenge with the greatest of ease. For years I have tried to lose weight only to experience failure again and again. It was April of 2011 that Kyle Baily told me about ‘Four Hour Body’. The next day I bought the book and a week later I was on a life style change (diets end and people gain it all back). By September of that year I had lost 45 pounds and shocked everybody at the school I teach at including the students when we got back from summer holidays. The problem was that I was thin but not very fit. Losing the weight felt great but I needed a new goal. That’s where my grade 12 students came into play. Knowing nothing about working out with weights, three of my students offered to train me after school in the school weight room. This started in February of 2012 and lasted until the end of May. I needed something to replace
the weight room at school. This is where Kyle and Ranj saved the day for me once again. They had been raving about Crossfit for sometime so I thought I would try it. Best thing I’ve done. Two weeks after starting Crossfit I decided it give running a try. First Sunday out I did 5 km. The next Sunday I ran 10 km in 55 minutes. I thought if I could do 10 km in under a hour the second time out, why not do a half marathon. Three months later I did my first half marathon in 1:48 minutes 39 seconds. My goal was to finish under 2 hours. One of my co-workers told me losing weight is easy, it’s keeping it off that is hard. He asked me how I do it. I told him that when it becomes a life style it’s easy. I’m not talking about just eating but exercise as well. I feel better now than I ever have felt in my life. I went from being on three medications for high blood pressure to NONE. From couch potato to now training for a half iron man in June. From low energy to endless amounts of energy. I have a goal of a six pack by my 50th birthday. I’ll be 48 in January and I’m definitely ahead of schedule (whole 30 helped a little with that).

OK. I’ll talk a bit about whole 30. This was an easy one for me. I gave up gluten, dairy, and sugar when I started Four Hour Body except for one cheat day a week. Giving that up for 30 days was not a big deal. I also had to give up legumes which I ate a lot of prior to Whole 30. I don’t think I’ll eat them again. Didn’t realize how bloated they made me feel. Quinoa I also had to give up and may introduce it back in one day but for now I’m perfectly happy staying on the
Whole 30 program. Did I see or and feel any changes during this program? In a word, yes, but only in positive ways. As mentioned in the previous paragraph the feeling of being bloated is gone. I also found that I have more definition in my abs. I’m feeling stronger as well. Beat Karen on Friday by 40 seconds which I thought was huge.

In conclusion, this 30 day challenge has changed the way I eat from healthy to ultra healthy. I choose only grass feed or wild meats (Hills Foods makes that easy), free range poultry and eggs, organic vegetables where possible, and limit my fruit in take to only one or two a day (never for breakfast). I read labels before I buy anything that has one, which is pretty rare. Come to think of it I think fresh salsa is the only thing I bought in the last month with a label.

It was Hippocrates who said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Cristina Chalmers

I ended up loosing 10lbs and have taken inches (1-2″) off each measurement. The only measurement that has stayed the same where my arms. I took before and after photos but to me they look pretty much the same. I had to actually take my measurements to realize that in fact, my body has changed in 30 short days and I’m now wearing jeans that I was just barely able to put on at the start of the month. It wasa lot of effort at first because I had a mean addiction to liquid calories, and was really bad at eating 3 square meals a day, but because of the structure of the program and how strict it is there is noroom for loose interpretations. That is exactly what I needed.

Before the program I was sleeping horribly. Partly because my toddlers still wake me up through the night but also because I had insomnia. Within days, the insomnia had completely disappeared and I now fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

My hormones and cycles are unbelievably changed for the better. Any woman that has issues with their cycles definitely needs to do this diet.

I’ve had a lot of challenging days pop up on this diet, lots of reasons to break it and lots of temptations. I’m really not sure how I managed to remain strict through it all other then the only person todisappoint was myself and I didn’t want to do that to myself.  I really feel like my body has turned a corner now and loosing weight doesn’t seem quite so impossible. I had tried a few diets this past year (Eat Clean, 80/20 Paleo etc) and none had rewarded me with more than 1-2lbs of weight loss. What I needed was to really eliminate all sugars, all cheats etc.

Yesterday was the first day after the diet and I had planned on having one Egg Nog Latte as a splurge and then returning back to the diet until Christmas. Well, I’m happy to say that my husband ordered his own Egg Nog Latte and i was satisfied with just having a sip of his and not getting my own. It was definitely delicious but  really didn’t feel the need to break the diet yesterday and introduce dairy(which I know I’m intolerant of) and sugar. We had dinner out and I ordered a salmon and veggies. The salmon came with a few drizzles of an asian BBQ sauce which tasted unbearably sweet. I know that sauceprobably had soy and sugar in it because an hour later my stomach was bloated and extremely uncomfortable. My plan for the rest of the month is to remain Whole 30 until all those social events happen whenfood indulgence is unavoidable. January 1 I will restart the Whole 30 strictly and would like to continue it on for 3-4 months in order to get to a weight that I’m happy with.

I really appreciate you guys having introduced the diet this way instead of the 80/20 Paleo with cheat days. I really needed this structure and I needed to eliminate a lot from my diet. I would never haveguessed that so much other than weight could change just by eliminating sugar, and dairy (and all those other things). I look forward to joining RPCF in January with the nextWhole30.

Norm & Deb

We Love all the Food Challenges we have participated since joining RockyPoint CrossFit in December of 2010. Deb and I have altered our eating habits quite substantially in 2 years.
We learn new habits during every challenge and they truly do work because we feel so much better since joining Rockypoint Crossfit. Of course the Crossfit WOD’s is one reason we feel so much better, but changing our eating habits surely plays a large part also.

Examples, we go through a bottle of fish oil in a month now. Never had more than a few spoonful in my first 44 years but since Tom had “extra points” if we had fish oil in one of those challenges, we’ve been slapping fish oil in our morning smoothies ever since. A bottle a month now, go figure!!
Then, Jen’s Challenge had us doing Zone and Paleo for points. We learned that fish oil and nuts both in our morning smoothies would be too heavy on the fat portions, so now we only put fish oil in the smoothies for the “fat” content, no nuts.

Now, Errol, he had to complicate his Challenge even more by not allowing any exceptions. Cripes, we had to push a wine tasting party back a week (yeah, we had it yesterday Dec 1st and we had a blast!!) due to Errol, thanks dude!! We drank waters after curling games instead of beers, Debbie remodelled our whole spice cabinet with lots of new spices, oh yeah, was great. We went through several egg cartonsduring this challenge as vegetables, beef, and chicken omelets tasted oh so good any time of the day.

We were however guilty of ingredient tampering by not knowing we couldn’t use the same ingredients used by other people by combining them to create desserts. Man, not sure I agree with this rule, but rules are rules and on one Saturday, we did a good paleo coffee cake that was mouth watering and combined it with our failed paleo muffins. Oh my god, was soo good after eating veggies, meats and eggs for16 days straight. The Whole 30 police were quick to investigate and we were busted after distributing some of the evidence to one of the judges!! How stupid can we be!!! Hehehe, all good!!

Deb and I are proud of at least completing a no exception month long paleo diet food challenge, and thank RockyPoint Crossfit for pushing us to try these!!

Ken Babineau

I’ve gone through most of my life believing that I was healthy and made good choices when it came to food, and for the most part, that’s true. I always ate breakfast, limited fast food and ate the foods Ibelieved to do my body good. Had it not been for Whole30, I could have easily continued with the same diet and been perfectly content with myself. I’ve always exercised on a regular basis, usually around 4-6 times a week, mixing cardio in with weight lifting. In the summer I competed in a number of triathlons and did very well. A big part of my training included my pre and post-workout meals. Making sure to have lots of carb-dense foods before and lots of protein after to recover. This usually included plates of pasta, rice and protein bars. I thought that it was the right thing to do, and it appeared to work so why would I change it?
When my girlfriend Jen would talk about Whole9 and the Whole30 in the weeks leading up to challenge, I never fully took the time to think about it as I thought that my diet was already pretty good and didn’t need changing so it wouldn’t really apply to me. It wasn’t until the night before the challenge that I really put some thought into the things she was saying. At first it seemed pretty straightforward; limit sugars, limit processed foods and no alcohol – fairly standard advice on how to stay healthy I would say. As she explained it in greater detail, I was shocked. No dairy, no soy, no lentils,no grains… no grains, that was my breaking point. Not only were these foods that I ate, they were foods that I ate on a daily basis, with at least some of those elements in every meal. I though that therehad to have been some sort of miscommunication or that she’d read the manual wrong. I ate those foods all the time! And I considered myself to be quite healthy so therefore, it must have been wrong. I would later find out that I was wrong. That being said I still decided that I would participate in the challenge, not because I necessarily believed everything that she was saying, but it was only 30 daysand I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it – plus I knew that Jen would like me supporting her through this. I had know idea that I was about to embark on a challenge that would drastically changemy eating habits, my body, and the way I looked at food.
I remember the first morning very well. Eggs, avocado and ham. That was breakfast. It was a huge change from the big bowl of oatmeal I used to eat. I’m not kidding about the oatmeal. I literally had eatenoatmeal for breakfast every morning for over a year except in the rare instance that I had pancakes or waffles. This was the first of many changes that I would have to overcome in the next few days. The transition went about as smooth as could be expected for such a drastic change in the food I was consuming. Oatmeal, bread, and pasta were staples in all my meals previously, and I was missing them. I felt hungry a lot of the time and no amount of veggies could satiate me. About a week into the challenge was when I discovered how much eating the right amount of healthy fats can control my appetite and hunger levels. By week two I felt fairly confident in my ability to eat the right amount of the right food at the right time. Since then, I’ve only become more in tune with my bodies needs and have been better able to moderate my diet.
Overall, this has been one of the most life-changing challenges I’ve ever participated in. I never realized how much food played a role in every aspect of my life. My energy levels increased, I started sleeping better, my workouts improved, my recovery time improved and my mood was more constant and I was less irritable. I never felt bloated after a meal and never felt like I’d over eaten, even if I hadjust consumed a huge meal. I think the biggest change for me was questioning my food. Whats in it? How much do I need of that? Does this have that in it? Do I need more of this? Less? How can I improve? It took a while, but I’m starting to answer a lot of these questions and I will continue to ask more and learn more about the foods that I put on my plate.
Four days and very few cheats after the challenge had ended, I decided to go back to eating Whole30 approved foods. I no longer do it because its a part of a challenge, I do it because of the way it makesme feel. I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me make it through the challenge and to anyone thinking about participating: what are you waiting for? Do it already!


November 1 to 30, 2012.

Day 1: Start weight 90kg. Headache started at the lunch time, only 2 Advil helped to get it under control. What a strange way to
start your nutrition challenge.

By the end of the day lost 1 kg. (even though Errol said stay away from the scale all 30 days)

Day 2: Headache doesn’t want to go away. Advil is the only solution. Assuming body wants sugar and more sugar.

Day 3: Headache started to fade. Keep thinking about coffee and cream. Can’t drink black coffee, tastes like a poison. Tried
coffee with a coconut milk, can’t get use to the taste.

Day 8: Finally freedom from sugar. No food cravings. No feeling of hunger anymore. I am not going to the kitchen anymore to
wander around, look for a food, hoping to find something to throw in my mouth. The weight goes down, can’t believe it’s me

on the scale.

Day 9: The energy level is going up every day. At the gym we had a WOD Abbate. Lots of running. Looked scary at first. Once got
to run first distance, realized it’s not going to be as hard as it was before…

Day 10: Gave up drinking coffee….. Feel so much energy in my body even without a coffee. Having a good rests during the
sleep. Don’t have a problem to fell asleep.

Day 20: Was one of the hard days to stay away from “poisoned” food, I called. Having family over, with mom cooking Russian
traditional food and desert, which are far away from Whole 9 Nutrition Guide. I found avocado is my “Life saver”. Any time I am
hungry or craving for something I ate avocado with salt and olive oil, fixes everything in minutes.

Day 25: Was ready to give up. Again no one in my family cares about my goals. Cookies, candies everywhere in the house.
Cheese and wine on the table when I am trying to get through my last days of the challenge. Just promised myself it will be over
in almost couple days and then I am allowed again.

Day 30: Last day fell on Friday. Hear from everywhere, common it’s over, go crazy. But I want to cross finish line as a winner not
a looser. Last night of the challenge I had a dream drinking two full glasses of milk and staffing myself with cakes and cookies.
It’s over man, can’t believe I actually did it. The final weight is 84kg.


I am glad to have my third Nutrition Challenge successfully finish without falling off the wagon this time. I have learned many
things about myself, my character, my body. Learned many things about food. Discovered that many food items, even bacon,
contain sugar. My wife said she really enjoyed seeing me so often around the kitchen. The last two years weight goal of 85 kg
was reached in 30 days with a better result.

My annual doctor’s checkup fell on November. My family doctor almost fell of his chair when had my blood work results. All the
number came up as a best of all time I’ve been at this doctor’s office. This is almost 14 years.

My numbers on beyondthewhiteboard.com are slowly going up, which is another positive thing.

Thank you goes to coaches Errol, Jen, Michael, Ty and Tom for their help and support.

Aaron Van Dyck

Thank you for introducing me to Whole9 and their Whole30 challenge. What an experience!

In addition to learning a variety of new recipes, I am also considerably more sensitive to flavour in foods, especially concerning sweet and salty. This is interesting because I had felt sensitive to flavour prior to the challenge, however I am now at a new level.

The challenge has also enabled a greater level interoception. I am astutely aware of the effects of my diet on my body, markedly, the effects of caffeine, refined carbohydrates and dairy. I am now particularly aware of my blood sugar levels, as well as my sensitivity to dairy. (Today, I enjoyed a beer, barbecue brisket sandwich, and fries for lunch, with a chai tea late for desert, and subsequently crashed with a gut ache two hours later).

My energy levels are stable throughout the day. I can work, train and play hard as long I am eating at regular intervals with no mid-day crash, or nap needing.

I look leaner, feel faster and stronger, and my endurance has increased.

I began the challenge at 200 lbs, therefore the most notable result upon completion of the 30 days is my current weight of 190 lbs.

Moving forward, I am looking to stick to an approximately 90% paleo lifestyle, leaving room for the occasional treat… 😀


Chelsea Smith

From the beginning, I never felt hungry or the need to snack. The first three days were horrible though – really really bad sugar cravings. I just kept thinking about my why (need to look smoking hot on wedding day. ) Started to ease up day four and five, and by day six, all the sugar cravings were gone. At that point, I felt great, I started a new sleeping schedule, sleeping a good 8-9 hours a night and waking up with tons of energy.
I was having a lot of fun making new recipes and culinary experiments – though not all of them turned out well…
After that first week, I started receiving a lot of compliments and I started to notice that all my clothes are fitting better.
Internally, I’ve never felt better, so I know that I definitely have some food sensitivities.
The third week we had a mini get-a-way (planned prior to accepting the challenge) and I impressed the shit out of myself that it wasn’t even hard to stick to the whole30. Who is this chick?
I hosted two events in my home and still didn’t crack!
Continued along- not suffering from cravings, but getting board as hell of eggs, chicken and fish. Best comfort meal (anytime of the day) paleo chili (with beef and yams). Go-to lunch is usually chicken or fish and salad and I constantly switch up the vegetables and dressings to avoid getting bored.
I had a slip on day 26. Went to RPCF, returned to the house for lunch only to find our power was out! WTF. We had to eat out, last minute, without planning. Not a proud moment, but I caved to temptation. I wasn’t too bad (determined not to pull a FuckIt!), but I did have a few unapproved ingredients.
It tasted great, but suffered for my decision. Immediately, and for about 36 hours following, I was bloated and cramping. Not to mention that I began craving sugar again!! Must. Continue. To. Fight. You. Sugar!!
I regained my strength and finished the month without further slips.
I’m now going to do the testing and pin-point what my body is sensitive to, but more than likely I will stick primarily to paleo- I’d be an idiot not to when I feel this good. Thanks guys!! xoxoxo!!
PS for the next 30 days, I’m going to do Yoga every day

John Babineau

Whole30 Challenge Experience

November 1 to November 30, 2012

The beginning of the Whole30 challenge was an absolute impulse. I remember packing a beautiful sandwich for lunch, receiving a text from my buddy, agreeing to take on the Challenge, eating the sandwich, and beginning. That first day in November may end up being life changing.
Like many others, I was very skeptical of the Challenge. It looked difficult to adhere to, expensive to shop for, and quite honestly not very much fun. I didn’t expect amazing results, and I certainly didn’t expect what happened on Day 31. Nevertheless, I still agreed and that evening I went to the grocery store instead of the gym.
I thank the writers of the Challenge handout. Without the very important information in it, I would have suffered in the opening days. It didn’t take long to understand what and how much my body needed. Those first days at the grocery store were a challenge, but it felt good carrying two baskets of whole, clean, awesome food. The recipes, the Q&A, and the shopping lists were a blessing.
I remember three distinct hurdles in the thirty days.
Hurdle number one was the second dinner I prepared for the challenge. I am a rather respectable cook, and it killed me to create a fabulous jambalaya and not serve it over a bed of rice. It hurt my body too as I was full but still “empty”. Those who have done the Challenge understand what I am saying. Getting through that meal and the few that followed was a big step forward in understanding what my bodyrequires.
The second hurdle showed up around Day 10. I got bored. I was tired of the endless preparation and cooking that was required to stay on track. There was a huge volume of food passing through the kitchen. Gone were the days of a can of chili for lunch or macaroni and cheese for dinner. Gone were the days of an easy meal and easier time out the door. It was a lot of work and dedication to stay on track. I do however the effort that I put in.
A friend came into town to go to a local hockey game. At a hockey game you drink beer. I really wanted a beer. This third hurdle was maybe the easiest to jump over. I had an amazing night out with friends, stayed sober, and we all had smiles on our faces and a safe ride home. After I had made it successfully through the temptations of that night, I knew I was going to coast home to Day 30.
I felt results from the Challenge early on. Within a few days, I was sleeping better, eating more consistently, not snacking as frequently, easily working through the afternoon in the office without getting tired, and heading straight to the gym where the good feelings continued. After a meal that always looked way to large, I would feel great and move on with the day. After balancing out my portions appropriately, a good meal easily carried me through to the next one. These last few weeks at the gym, I have been lifting more and running faster than I have ever done before. I have no doubt it is attested to clean energy coming in and an efficient burn going out. The Challenge is a diet on high octane fuel; everything seems to run better.
Physical appearance is important to all of us, whether we say so or not. After a dozen years of despising the gym, I fell in love with the place last February. My results have improved dramatically over the 9 months leading up to the challenge, but these thirty days have brought me to my prime. I have battled acne for ten years now; most recently on my shoulders and back. I was really hoping this Challenge would relieve this but it has not. I feel my only hope now is to wait to outgrow it. Even though the challenge is not meant to be a weight loss program, after the thirty days I was down 6 pounds. Ifeel a little light now, and that could just be to mismanaged portions, but I intend to continue to work on fine tuning portions and understanding my physical requirements.
I mentioned earlier that Day 31 was the hardest. I found that of the thirty days, the thirty first was the most difficult and the time where support was really required. After the restrictions were liftedand freedom was restored to my diet, I had pizza for lunch and a beer that afternoon. I hadn’t felt so awful in months. My head hurt, my stomach hurt, and I had no energy. I was attempting to reintroduce carbs to my diet. The following day was pancakes for breakfast and that was the low point. My body and mind craved clean food. At that point I re-eliminated carbs from my diet and am now feeling normal and happy again. I was shocked at the immediate and lasting impact something that I used to love had on me. It makes me worried about what will happen when I attempt dairy. I have decided to continue on with a clean diet, while attempting some of the forbidden items, truly studying their impact. I have even scheduled in some blood work to make sure I am maintaining necessary nutrition levels. If this becomes a way of life, I will definitely need to be more educated on our body’s necessary vitamin, minerals, and nutrients.
After 36 days of clean eating, I absolutely do not regret what I have undertaken. This Challenge has had a profound impact on my physical appearance, my energy levels, and my personal happiness. I fully intend to maintain the essence of Whole30 well into the future. I will not feel guilty about some barbecue sauce on a steak or a piece of pumpkin pie at Grandma’s house. It is going to be about finding what my body needs, what my mind wants, and where they can both find a happy medium. I am looking forward to the challenge ahead and I am looking forward to spreading the word.